So whatís the definition of a good website?


Thereís no ready-made answer to that. A website should always look good, of course. And visitors must always be able to find their way. And of course the language must be clear. But thatís still not enough.

The real question is what you want to achieve with your website. Do you want to attract more customers? In that case, your website should be the shortest route to your products and services, with the right downloads, online demos or a webstore, for example. But itís just as important that visitors can find your site easily. .DOC can also help you with this.

Is your website mainly an information and service medium? Then topicality is the chief requirement. The  texts, illustrations and downloads on your website must be easy to maintain Ė if necessary, your own staff must be able to do it. In that case, a content management system gives you the flexibility you need.  

While developing your website, we make sure it has an accessible structure and a clear message. Then, for the style and content management tools, we call on our specialised partners. Whatever your wishes, .DOC will make sure thereís a competent, well-oiled team to work on the design, development and maintenance of your website.