Art, science, or just pure craftsmanship?


.DOC will translate your software and documentation. Ultimately, just one thing counts: the right word in the right place. But to come up with a good translation, you need more than just a talent for languages. 

Translators are and will always be word artists. They combine their knowledge of languages with an innate ability to put themselves in other peopleís shoes. Their understanding of the wishes and needs of the target group ensure that the texts have the right tone and style. And when the most obvious solutions donít come up to the mark, they are creative. In short, translation is a job for people with talent.

Of course, the technology can also lend a helping hand. Particularly in large translation projects, modern translation software can be used to support translators, achieving the optimum balance between effort and result by recycling material that was translated earlier.

But translation isnít just a question of talent and the use of the latest translation tools. It also involves meticulous craftsmanship, especially when translating software and helptexts.