What requirements does your copywriter have to satisfy?

Do you want a text that clamours for attention, or would you prefer one that gets your point across calmly and clearly? Competent and businesslike, or a bit more provoking? Do we just need to focus on the words, or do you want us to come up with a ready-to-use product?

Whatever target group you want to reach, and whatever message you want to get across (within acceptable social boundaries, of course), .DOC will be more than happy to:

  • write
  • correct
  • design and reproduce 

your texts.

Even though we always look forward to learning about new subjects, there are certain subjects in which we have become specialized through the years, such as automation, technology, finance, urban development, energy and the environment.

We focus not just on the text but also on the context. Your message is always couched in a certain context, often in combination with images or on different media. That means that the structure and choice of words have to meet certain requirements. .DOC always comes up with a text that fits the context.